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(and Our Clients) Speak For Themselves

At ABS, we're always naturally skeptical of any business that relies too heavily on industry jargon and technical specifications to sell their services. Especially in IT, the solutions themselves are often less important than the results those solutions are able to generate. With that in mind, we're happy to let our satisfied clients speak candidly about what ABS was able to do for them... and about what they're now able to do on their own.

Manufacturing Company

When one of Toronto's largest electronic display manufacturers approached us seven years ago, they just needed a little help with server management. But when their IT person left and they realized it had been a recurring issue, they began looking carefully at the managed services model for every day IT support.

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"I was afraid that not having anyone on-site at all times meant slow response times and problems that would go unsolved. But when I realized that this most recent IT person was A) the third person who left in five years, and B) had only been here for eight months anyway, I decided to take a leap of faith. Over the last seven years, our environment has been stable, our business has grown exponentially and our employees are happy - and that's all thanks to ABS."


Chief Financial Officer


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Construction Company

One of Toronto's leading construction equipment rental firms had a problem. They were expanding rapidly, but had little to no strategy to speak of for how to adequately address that on the IT side of things.

They went looking for a partner and luckily, that's exactly what they found.
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"I was initially concerned that ABS wouldn't be able to handle our growth, as we were quickly acquiring other companies and integrating them into our business in a way that required an incredible amount of support. Not only did ABS stabilize those two branches... we're now up to 37 branches with no end in sight. ABS is also going to continue to support us as we further transition into the cloud, and I for one couldn't be happier."


Vice President of Operations

Advertising Agency

In order for a successful Toronto advertising agency to stay that way, they need to live on the cutting edge. ABS has been proudly helping one such company do precisely that for the last twenty years.

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"We've been satisfied clients of ABS for the last two decades. During one of our first discussions, they actually convinced me that this new thing called 'email' would help my people communicate better. Flash forward to today and we've enjoyed a tremendous period of growth and expansion and ABS has allowed us to stay on the cutting edge every step of the way."



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