In the Beginning...

Our History and Our Mission

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As the IT industry has changed around us, we at ABS have made it our mission to better service the needs of the modern enterprise. In the decades since in our inception, we've positioned ABS as a way to fill a fairly unique gap in the marketplace that we observed. Some organizations have a wealth of technical knowledge, but lack the strategic insights they need to drive themselves forward. Others have those insights, but not the technicality to back it up. With our expertise and infrastructure, we realized that we were in an incredible position to help fill those gaps for as many businesses as possible. We soon realized that while managed services were a big part of what we could do, what we were really able to offer to clients was something far more essential: the type of peace-of-mind they weren't going to be able to get anyplace else.

The Qualities That Make Us Unique


When we were starting this business, the team at ABS sat down and asked ourselves a very simple question: "what does IT support, a responsive help desk, the absence of long-term contracts and a fixed monthly fee actually provide to our clients?" We know what we offer in a literal sense... but what do you find when you go deeper than that?

After much thought, we realized that we actually offer five core qualities you just won't be able to find anywhere else:

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We make sure your IT "just works" in the way you need it to. You don't want to deal with IT problems. You want your staff to have the tools they need to do better work every day. That's what we want for you, too.

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We value relationships above all else. At the end of the day, people are just people. We like to get to know our clients personally to craft the type of long-term relationship that will serve us both well for years to come.

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We want our clients to succeed. Any step required to help you achieve better outcomes and accomplish your own goals is a step we're willing to take.

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We leverage the latest technologies in order to accomplish all of this and more. What we provide to you is ultimately of little value if it's allowed to grow stagnate and out-of-date six months after our relationship begins.

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All of this combines into maybe the most important element of all: we want our clients to do business with ABS not because they feel locked into a contract that they don't understand, but because they want to and because it's the right decision for them.

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What's In a Name?

Our Humble Beginnings...

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"A lot of people don't realize that ABS is actually an acronym that means "Audio and Business Systems." Back when the organization was first started in 1974, it wasn't cyber security or managed services we were offering. It was office equipment. Adding machines, dictation systems, IBM Selectric Typewriters - if you needed it, we could get it to you. But by the late 80s, office equipment was quickly evolving. We identified a new market that we thought might be the "next big thing"... something called "networking."

The 1990s saw us evolve again into the realm of computer support, before emerging today as an industry leading managed services provider that offers a fully outsourced IT department to customers like you. The technology we use and provide may have changed dramatically since 1974, but our business has not. Meeting the needs of our customers has always been a part of our DNA, and it always will be."
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CEO, ABS Information Systems

Your Business is Your Priority.
Your IT is Ours

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Your digital assets are part of the foundation upon which your business was built and those assets need to be protected.

If all of this sounds like what you've been looking for, we encourage you to give us a call at 416-449-4141 or click the button below to schedule your introductory phone call. Today, we don't know if our two businesses are a good fit for one another. But we can't wait for the chance to find out tomorrow.