Rainbow Tunnel

Mural Routes Renovates the Rainbow Tunnel in North York ON
Located five minutes from Moccasin Trail Park, the Rainbow Tunnel has been repainted since 2013 by Mural Routes. The artwork was first painted there over 40 years ago by artist B.C. (Berg) Johnson. There are several ways to enjoy the tunnel. There is a paved path that runs through it. The tunnel is accessible to people with disabilities. You can also explore murals painted by local youths.

Mural Routes re-paints inside of Rainbow Tunnel
A mural on the inside of the Rainbow Tunnel was originally painted 40 years ago by artist B.C. Johnson, who self-identified as the “Caretaker of Dreams.” The mural was a popular destination for commuters, brightening their commutes along the DVP. Over the years, however, the mural had become a victim of weather and neglect. Its location on a dark, 20-metre tunnel was a magnet for graffiti and vandalism. Mural Routes joined the effort to bring back the mural to its original glory.

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The original mural was completed by a group of local artists, including B.C. Johnson. He was arrested four times during the project, but never lost hope. Eventually, the community took over the maintenance of the rainbow tunnel and re-painted it to its original glory in 2012. Since then, it has remained one of the only rainbow murals in the GTA.

It was painted 40 years ago by artist B.C. (Berg) Johnson
A colorful mural has been added to a park in North York, Ontario. The rainbow tunnel, painted 40 years ago by artist Bert Johnson, is a perfect example of community art. This mural features scenes of people walking their dogs, skateboarders, cyclists, and animals such as frogs, ducks, and deer. The mural is one of only a few of its kind in the GTA.

The colorful tunnel was originally painted by the artist B.C. Johnson. The mural was intended to bring cheer to commuters, and the mural has been threatened with removal by the City of North York several times. Nevertheless, it has been popular among passers-by, walking dogs, and even motorists. Eventually, the DVP parks department began to paint over the rainbow, but many community members and visitors decided to keep it up.

It was renovated in 2013
In 2013, the Rainbow Tunnel in North York was renovated after a decade of neglect. It was first painted over by the Parks department in the early 1970s. It was the work of a young Norwegian artist named B.C. Johnson, who painted it to remember his friend. But as time went on, the mural fell victim to weather and vandalism. It was eventually removed, but volunteers continued to repaint it. The mural was eventually restored and is now a community landmark.

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The mural dates back to the 1970s. The artist who painted it was B.C. Johnson. The artist wanted to inspire people and create a happy place for them. The mural has since been restored and is maintained by volunteers of the non-profit organization Mural Routes. Many of the artists have other murals in their work, including B.C. Johnson, a Norwegian teenager. Some of their murals are located on the tunnel.

It is a 5 minute walk from Moccasin Trail Park
If you’re looking for a new hiking trail, check out Rainbow Tunnel, a short 5-minute walk from Moccasin Trail Park. The trail starts from the parking lot and goes through a picturesque park. After the tunnel, take a walk along the East Don Trail to a pebble beach. The trail is easy to navigate and has easy-to-follow directions.

Hikers and bikers will enjoy the varied scenery along the waterfront trail. The trail crosses a variety of scenic terrain, including grass meadows, bluffs, small forests, and wetlands. Hikers and bikers of all levels will enjoy the gentle climb and scenic vistas. This trail is paved and connects with other trails in the area, which make for a memorable day of outdoor activities.

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