Cedarvale Park – A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Toronto

Tucked away in a residential neighbourhood in midtown Toronto is Cedarvale Park – a hidden gem that is beloved by locals for its peaceful atmosphere and great amenities. This park is perfect for a casual stroll, a picnic lunch, or even a game of tennis. Read on to learn more about Cedarvale Park and why it’s worth a visit!

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History of Cedarvale Park
Cedarvale Park was originally part of the estate of George Horace Leeds, a successful businessman who built his home on St. Clair Avenue West in 1885. The land was donated to the City of Toronto in 1914 and became a public park in 1917. The park has been through several renovations over the years, most recently in 2002 when the community center and outdoor pool were added.

Features of Cedarvale Park
One of the best features of Cedarvale Park is its large size – at 28 hectares (69 acres), there is plenty of space to explore! The park also has two playgrounds, an outdoor pool, a wading pool, an off-leash dog area, a stocked pond (for catch-and-release fishing), an artificial turf field, 10 tennis courts, and an extensive network of walking trails. There is something for everyone at Cedarvale Park!

Why You Should Visit Cedarvale Park
Cedarvale Park is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some time outdoors. The park is beautiful in all seasons, but it is especially lovely in the spring and summer when the flowers are blooming and the trees are full of greenery. The next time you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or an adventurous place to explore, be sure to check out Cedarvale Park!

Additional Info

Cedarvale Park is one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets. This hidden gem offers something for everyone, from picnicking and swimming to fishing and tennis. The next time you’re looking for a change of scenery from the busy streets of Toronto, head on over to Cedarvale Park and enjoy all that this urban oasis has to offer!

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